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Develpment from inside.
We work for a world in which every person can live happily. A world where poverty has not the last word. Working together to live in a world where life is good .

Development from Inside


Projet challenge

Vulnerable or poor people face numerous challenges in their daily life.
This section presents the challenges facing populations in developing countries and ways in which to improve their welfare

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Welcome text of the website
Development from Inside ( DI) - working inside to show results outside.
We focus on poverty reduction through ownership; individuals and communities have there problems, have their solutions and we empower them in the implementation process of their very own creative and imaginative ideas.
Our Contact
DI has its headquarters (HQ) in Quebec, Canada, and several local representatives in developing countries.
DI is recognized in Canada as a non-profit and charity organization by the federal government of Canada.

DI world Headquarters
4000 Sylvia Daoust street
Quebec city, G1X 0A7
Qc, Canada
Phone: +1 418 264 1970
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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